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The Palouse in Monochrome

The Palouse in Monochrome


The Palouse is an amazing region of middle Eastern Washington and Western Idaho. Recently my wife and I went on a road trip back home, and we drove through some amazing and diverse landscapes. From the Washington, Oregon and California coasts, to the farmlands of central Washington and into the Palouse region, then up through the Rockies to my home town of Coeur d’Alene, ID (pronounced Kore • Duh • LANE). The Palouse (Pah • LOOSE) is know for its extremely vibrant green rolling hills that seem to stretch on and on for miles._DPA1154-Edit

The Palouse was formed during the Ice Ages, and is a major farming region. To check out more info about the area, and see some images in color check out The Palouse Scenic Byway. There are awesome times of year to visit to get amazing, endless shades of greens that make abstract photography here very interesting. However, as we were driving through the region mostly after harvest, the fields were either all golden, or dirt hills from being harvested.




Driving along I wondered what the images might look like in black and white, but the colors that were there, and not obstructed by the haze of wildfires in the region, were beautiful too. Once I got home and finally starting going through the images it became clear that while they were nice in color, they took on a whole new meaning for me in black and white. I certainly plan to go back for the peak green season one of these springs, but for now I love the surreal feel of the black and white, not to mention since most people shoot in color here, and I don’t recall seeing many shots in black and white from the region, though I’m quite sure there are more out there….but what the hell…I’ll add some monochrome to it. You can view more from this series, and other landscape work here. More to come from this road trip!



NYC Headshots Week 2015

 NYC!!! It’s time!! #‎NYCHeadshotweek2015 is coming!!


I’m flying out from LA, we rented the biggest space they had at Shetler Studio’s, and I’m going to be rocking headshots sessions all week until I can’t stand anymore! Unless of course someone hooks me up to a continuous IV of Bodega coffee, hero’s, and Redbull. Its going to be a blast, reserve your spot now, space is limited!

WHEN: April 26th-May 1st (Mon-Fri)

WHERE: The Penthouse at Shetler Studios

COST : $375, includes a one hour session, 4 looks, and all the images from the shoot in high res so you can take them to the awesome folks at Colorworksnyc for printing and retouching
a %50 NON REFUNDABLE deposit will be required to hold your space. (Those of you that have worked with me before know I generally don’t take deposits, but due to the travel, and reserving a space it just has to be this way)

Get your NYC Headshots now!

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Setting up a Successful Headshot Session: Part 1  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc.

In my newest article on I start a 3 part series on steps I believe can help ensure you create a successful headshot session. If you are a photographer who is just starting out, this is a must read. It is a culmination of many questions and conversations I’ve had regarding how I started, and what I do for each session. When I first began shooting headshots, it was a daunting task. Figuring out a rhythm for how a headshot session should go felt like an overwhelming problem. Head over to Fstoppers to read part one of this series.



New Addition to Altitude Lounge at the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp

 City Sights

The New Addition to Altitude Lounge at The Marriott San Diego Gaslamp  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc

Returning client, The Marriott San Diego Gaslamp, had be back to photograph the recent City Sights addition to their already very popular Altitude Lounge. Its an awesome bar located on the roof of the hotel right across from the San Diego Padre’s Stadium. It was a blast to shoot, stunning views of the city at night and it can also be an awesome spot to have a meeting or reception! It’s always a pleasure to work with returning clients. For more of my hotel photography visit Dylan Patrick Hospitality Photography

Featured on PocketWizard

Recently I was honored by Ron Egatz,  who did an awesome feature on me for the PocketWizard blog dealing with the image I shot of Kristin Wetherington (above) for her one woman show “Carolina in the City”.  He’s a great guy, a very talented writer, and overall awesome human being.  He was able to take all my rambling thoughts and make them one cohesive story.  Check out the story here!

Starting Fresh

Ok!  So I’ve deleted my blog now several times out of sheer frustration with my inability to keep up with it.  So here is the deal, I’m an all or nothing person, so I have to start off with more of a bang than this.  Next month I will be shooting the Marriott in the Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego, and we are going to be filming a behind the scenes of the shoot, or at least most of it. 🙂  This is where I will begin! Until then, stay tuned to my
Facebook page, and my various other social networking sites that I love to hate for details!

Photo above is my awesome client Billy Kay channeling my inner frustrations 🙂