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The Palouse in Monochrome

The Palouse in Monochrome


The Palouse is an amazing region of middle Eastern Washington and Western Idaho. Recently my wife and I went on a road trip back home, and we drove through some amazing and diverse landscapes. From the Washington, Oregon and California coasts, to the farmlands of central Washington and into the Palouse region, then up through the Rockies to my home town of Coeur d’Alene, ID (pronounced Kore • Duh • LANE). The Palouse (Pah • LOOSE) is know for its extremely vibrant green rolling hills that seem to stretch on and on for miles._DPA1154-Edit

The Palouse was formed during the Ice Ages, and is a major farming region. To check out more info about the area, and see some images in color check out The Palouse Scenic Byway. There are awesome times of year to visit to get amazing, endless shades of greens that make abstract photography here very interesting. However, as we were driving through the region mostly after harvest, the fields were either all golden, or dirt hills from being harvested.




Driving along I wondered what the images might look like in black and white, but the colors that were there, and not obstructed by the haze of wildfires in the region, were beautiful too. Once I got home and finally starting going through the images it became clear that while they were nice in color, they took on a whole new meaning for me in black and white. I certainly plan to go back for the peak green season one of these springs, but for now I love the surreal feel of the black and white, not to mention since most people shoot in color here, and I don’t recall seeing many shots in black and white from the region, though I’m quite sure there are more out there….but what the hell…I’ll add some monochrome to it. You can view more from this series, and other landscape work here. More to come from this road trip!





For the past almost 9 years now I have been living in NYC and have never photographed the fall colors.  It has always been something I have wanted to do and for whatever reason I haven’t been able to or made the time.  This year I changed all that.  My wife and I rented a ZipCar and headed out of the city at 5:30am to drive 2 hours north into upstate, NY.  It’s absolutely stunning upstate.  My good friend and super talented photographer Ron Rinaldi lives up near Woodstock and so that’s where we headed first.  I also brought along the jib and slider as I’m moving into adding more video work to my scope of creativity.

 I will at some point return to the east coast and start up north in Maine and spend a couple weeks driving south doing photo and video along the way, but for now the day trip was good enough, and the color did not disappoint.  It was absolutely stunning, especially around the Tannersville, and Kaaterskill Falls area.

I have been flooded with a bunch of thoughts of video and photo projects I want to do before my wife and I move back west to LA in February (check out the LA Headshots page here.).  I’m setting up to do a bi-coastal thing for my headshot business as I don’t want to completely abandon what I’ve managed to build in NYC, but frankly, I’m tired of winter for awhile.  The short video “Color” (Below) is the first, and the next will be one of NYC itself.  Vignettes, if you will,  of a city that I have come to deeply love, along with the beauty of this state.  This little adventure was a nice break from an exceptionally busy month with headshots, and wrapping up post production on the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp shoot.  More from that to come. I’m about halfway through the retouching on the stills, and we are also putting together a few behind the scenes videos from the Marriott shoot!  For now enjoy some color! 🙂

Color from Dylan Patrick on Vimeo.