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9/11 Memorial


Me and my wife went down to the September 11th memorial a couple weeks after the 10 year anniversary of the World Trade Center attack.  Although I was not living in NYC at the time I moved here only a few years later, and have come to know many people whose friends and family died that day, as well as hearing many stories from friends about how they felt that day.

In short, the architects, landscapers, and many hundreds more did a beautiful job on the site.  The pools are absolutely stunning, and while the Museum wasn’t open it, it is a spectacular building.  The tone for me there was pretty solemn.  There is a calm quiet there that is quite amazing.  My only real complaint is it seems to have become a tourist attraction, which we all knew was to be expected I guess, but what really bugged me was some tourists apparent lack of respect for the whole meaning of the place.  I witnessed kids throwing change in the pools, and people posing for pictures like they are at Disneyland.  All of this really started to bother me, and I believe a group of young European travelers got the point when they were leaning on the sides where the names are inscribed posing like Mickey Mouse was with them.  They had there legs up on the walls, and so forth.  I walked a bit close and just glared at them until they walked away.  It was sad and shocking all at the same time.  I hope that when people come here they will respect the site as it’s meant to be, and honor it as they would any of their own families that may have died.  This is a sacred site, and while it should be enjoyed, with people laughing and playing, it should also bring a respect that should be a universal understanding for all.  I don’t believe that this site should be dominated by sadness, quite the contrary, but in the midst of laughing or crying there should always remain a respect and dignity for the memorial represents.