Recent Commercial Real Estate Photography  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc

Commercial Real Estate Photography

I had the recent opportunity to work with a local commercial real estate broker here in Los Angeles, to deliver some high quality storefront photos for his clients. He and his clients are both extremely happy, and while they did say they had never spent that much for exterior shots before, they felt they could begin to brand themselves around the look, and that the money was worth every penny to have something sexy and different than what people are used to seeing. I’m looking forward to working with them again, it’s so nice to have a client that gets it, and is willing to invest in a polished, refined, high end look. To view more visit Dylan Patrick Hospitality Photography

New Addition to Altitude Lounge at the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp

 City Sights

The New Addition to Altitude Lounge at The Marriott San Diego Gaslamp  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc  ©Dylan Patrick Photography Inc

Returning client, The Marriott San Diego Gaslamp, had be back to photograph the recent City Sights addition to their already very popular Altitude Lounge. Its an awesome bar located on the roof of the hotel right across from the San Diego Padre’s Stadium. It was a blast to shoot, stunning views of the city at night and it can also be an awesome spot to have a meeting or reception! It’s always a pleasure to work with returning clients. For more of my hotel photography visit Dylan Patrick Hospitality Photography

Recent Hotel Photography

Recent Hotel Photography

I recently completed some new work for the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront, and The Hilton Waikiki. Getting to travel to various hotels, and create some fresh images for them is always a pleasure, especially when they are returning clients! The San Francisco property recently had their entire bar and restaurant renovated. Suffice to say it came out beautifully, and of course the Hilton in Waikiki is always a pleasure to visit, and those Ahi Tacos are amazing! To see more of my commercial Hotel, real estate, and architectural photography please visit Dylan Patrick Hospitality Photography.


This month has been crazy!  We got back from San Diego shooting the Marriott in the Gaslamp district.  I promptly headed back out of town for the day to shoot a music video, and then back to NYC to start an epic month of headshots in NYC.  I had a roster of really fantastic clients this month.  Headshots for me were fairly slow all summer and then BOOM!  September and October have just rocked.  On top of all of this I headed upstate to photograph the fall colors, and next week I’m going to start my next little personal video project of NYC.

On the Headshot front it’s been amazing this month.  It always amazes me that 98% of my business is word of mouth, and now by extension social media.  As much as blogging, Facebook, and Google+ can all drain hours of our lives it is very important to interact with our clients and encourage them to spread the word.  Every couple months Google calls me to find out if I want to pay for a better rank (which mine is already pretty good).  I often reply with a no.  I tell them that even with all the amazing technology we have today, word of mouth for me, has still transcended it all.  Most all of my clients find me from a friend, and I try to encourage this as much as possible with occasional referral deals, and so forth.  Another item on the headshot agenda will be putting together another blogroll that is strictly for showcasing my clients and the work they have done or are currently doing as well.  I have had clients recently appear in ads or articles for GQ, Bass Clothing, Nikon, Orlando Tourism, and more!  So I want to be showcasing this more, and my clients rock so they deserve to shine!  More on that to come!

It’s been a very stressful, exciting, and scary year, as I’ve been super busy with hotel and headshot work, which is amazing, but my wife and I are also going to move to LA and setup shop there.  As a business owner who is self employed it makes sense on a number of levels.  I tend to enjoy shooting outside for my headshots as much as possible, and living in LA will enable me to have the potential to make more money, and work more year round.  It’s scary because I’ve become comfortable, and I enjoy the modest measure of success I’m having in NYC (and I LOVE NYC).  My business has grown considerably in just 4 short years, and substantially in the last 2.  Photography is hard to make money at, and I’m proud to be where I am.  This of course leads to reservations about LA.  All of this is natural but it just shows how important it is for any creative to challenge themselves, and not be afraid to be uncomfortable for awhile when your gut says 2 conflicting things.   I will be coming back to NYC twice a year to start; for a week or two to shoot headshots, and based on my investigation of the idea so far there seems to be a lot of interest…so headshots are about to become Bi-Coastal!

I’m slowly pushing ahead into more and more video, and I’m looking forward to having more mobility in LA to enable me to formulate some creative projects that I have been wanting to do, which can be logistically a pain to pull off in NYC.  I’m going to work on developing a video reel both for actors to accompany headshots, and their websites but also for real estate, hotel work, and some personal stuff, focusing on cinematography, and lighting.  I’m also pushing to develop a portfolio with a couple projects geared at putting together a body of work that can appeal to a more commercial market, this will probably include some current works and some new ones I’m working on the concepts for now.

The change will be good and refreshing and in the end will be the best for me in the long term I think.  More to come, for now enjoy a few highlights from the headshot side this month!



For the past almost 9 years now I have been living in NYC and have never photographed the fall colors.  It has always been something I have wanted to do and for whatever reason I haven’t been able to or made the time.  This year I changed all that.  My wife and I rented a ZipCar and headed out of the city at 5:30am to drive 2 hours north into upstate, NY.  It’s absolutely stunning upstate.  My good friend and super talented photographer Ron Rinaldi lives up near Woodstock and so that’s where we headed first.  I also brought along the jib and slider as I’m moving into adding more video work to my scope of creativity.

 I will at some point return to the east coast and start up north in Maine and spend a couple weeks driving south doing photo and video along the way, but for now the day trip was good enough, and the color did not disappoint.  It was absolutely stunning, especially around the Tannersville, and Kaaterskill Falls area.

I have been flooded with a bunch of thoughts of video and photo projects I want to do before my wife and I move back west to LA in February (check out the LA Headshots page here.).  I’m setting up to do a bi-coastal thing for my headshot business as I don’t want to completely abandon what I’ve managed to build in NYC, but frankly, I’m tired of winter for awhile.  The short video “Color” (Below) is the first, and the next will be one of NYC itself.  Vignettes, if you will,  of a city that I have come to deeply love, along with the beauty of this state.  This little adventure was a nice break from an exceptionally busy month with headshots, and wrapping up post production on the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp shoot.  More from that to come. I’m about halfway through the retouching on the stills, and we are also putting together a few behind the scenes videos from the Marriott shoot!  For now enjoy some color! 🙂

Color from Dylan Patrick on Vimeo.

Featured on PocketWizard

Recently I was honored by Ron Egatz,  who did an awesome feature on me for the PocketWizard blog dealing with the image I shot of Kristin Wetherington (above) for her one woman show “Carolina in the City”.  He’s a great guy, a very talented writer, and overall awesome human being.  He was able to take all my rambling thoughts and make them one cohesive story.  Check out the story here!

Starting Fresh

Ok!  So I’ve deleted my blog now several times out of sheer frustration with my inability to keep up with it.  So here is the deal, I’m an all or nothing person, so I have to start off with more of a bang than this.  Next month I will be shooting the Marriott in the Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego, and we are going to be filming a behind the scenes of the shoot, or at least most of it. 🙂  This is where I will begin! Until then, stay tuned to my
Facebook page, and my various other social networking sites that I love to hate for details!

Photo above is my awesome client Billy Kay channeling my inner frustrations 🙂


Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy

At a time like this there really isn’t much you can say.  I live in NYC and I lived through the storm just fine, however for some it was a devastating ordeal.  The media made it seem as though the apocalypse had happened in NYC which, it didn’t.  Yes it hit the city very hard in certain places, but in my neighborhood on 49th St. in Hell’s Kitchen, the bars were open , and I got pizza delivered.  Starting only a few blocks south it began to show.  Most of the West Side Highway was flooded, and it was then I decided to go out and make some pictures.  Some of these were picked up by AP that night and ran all over the country.  The images of the worst hit area’s are from Staten Island.  I made a trip out there a couple days after the storm, and it was a gut wrenching site, as you will see in some places it simply looked like a war zone.  You will also come across several images of a Marine Corps helicopter landing on a baseball field, yeah, that actually happened.  I took some supplies to a couple area’s where they were collecting things and then proceeded to walk around and survey the damage.  I came home exhausted both physically and mentally, after realizing that only a short distance away people’s lives had been decimated, meanwhile everything seemed like business as usual in Hell’s Kitchen…very surreal.

Occupy Wall Street


I should start this off by saying I’m not a photographer for any major news organization, nor has any media published any of the images seen here.  When the Occupy Wall Street movement began I had the notion that I wanted to be a part of it in my own way.

I went down to Occupy Wall Street numerous times starting a few weeks into their occupation, and I found the whole atmosphere very invigorating and interesting on a personal level, and my goal was just to document what I was seeing regardless of my belief.  I marched with them a couple times, and was also in Times Square for that huge gathering.

 I posted these images with the soul purpose of documenting it, that is all. On a personal level I happen to agree with the general tone (fight corporate greed and corruption including politicians and CEO’s which brought our country to it’s knees) of the demonstrations but not all them. As it is with any protest where you get a lot of people together everyone has their own opinion, statement and agenda about what they like, and dislike. While it is easy to pick apart things in a photograph that are ironic, or that seem to contradict the given statement, it’s my belief that any protest should be looked at for it’s general focus and less for what one persons sign may say.  I think most people in America are sick of the corruption on Wall street, and in the political world, and there is nothing wrong with trying to solve the problem and help the system work better for everyone.  I also believe that the people want the same things on both the right and the left we just have different ways and methods of saying it. Solving problems takes intelligent, civil debates, and a willingness to look at things from multiple sides, thinking 3 dimensionally, compromise, and putting yourself in others shoes.  I hope people will be able to look at these photo’s and whether they agree with them, or agree with a particular sign or whatever, that they will look at them and say there is some people DOING something about GENERALLY what we all disagree with. I can say that while not all of what the Tea Party has to say I like, but I can say that some of their concerns and their general tone are valid. In fact the two protests (Tea Party and Wall St protests) have very much in common, and perhaps we should focus on that, as it makes me wonder what could be done if they’d team up, while respecting each others individual specific desires for things they want changed.   Regardless of whether or not you agree with Occupy Wall Street you have to respect it.  I felt very proud to be an American seeing people standing up for what they believe.  I think this is what I enjoyed most about this project of mine.  It’s almost hard to talk about this subject without injecting my own views but that is the struggle.  In short we all need to learn to communicate better about the things we disagree with and this is where pictures help, and hurt.

In short I consider myself lucky and proud to be a New Yorker, and here for these protests.  Sometimes when I think that we have all been sucked into the drama of reality TV, sports, and other various forms of entertainment, it was nice to put my finger on the pulse of an idea and document it the way I saw it.  It gave me comfort to know we are still alive in a funny sort of way.  I think many street photographers probably have this same feeling…I know I do when I’m out wandering the streets looking for moments to connect with.  The connection to people and seeing them in an environment that often is without the walls that we all put up is quite simply…awesome.